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        • 29-08-2017
          Q:In what condition can I utilize Cervoz M336 Powerguard flash modules?

          A:   Cervoz Powerguard series features Power Loss Protection (PLP) technology, and it is suitable for applications where unexpected power loss may occur. Such as outdoor applications with unstable power supply, where power glitches may occur from time to time. Cervoz Powerguard SSD also fits in the servers of data centers. The critical data benefits from PLP during untimely power outages.

        • 29-08-2017
          Q:What is the difference between a CompactFlash card and a CFast card?

          A:   Although CompactFlash and CFast cards have the same dimensions of 42.8*36.4*3.3mm, CompactFlash cards are compliant with CompactFlash Specification 1.0 to 6.0 and PATA connectors. CFast cards are considered the next-gen CompactFlash since they support SATA III interface, enabling much faster write/read speeds.  

        • 29-08-2017
          Q:What is Wear Leveling?

          A:   Wear Leveling is a mechanism/algorithm an SSD uses to enhance its longevity. The purpose of Wear Levelling is to distribute P/E cycles to all the blocks evenly; therefore they can reach their P/E threshold at the same time.

        • 31-07-2017
          Q:What is Cervoz Industrial SSD|Flash Storage Powerguard Technology?

          A:   The purpose of Cervoz Industrial SSD|Flash Storage Powerguard Technology is to protect data loss while encountering an improper power failure.  Powerguard would complete the task of saving your files from the controller DRAM into the flash storage after sudden power loss. Cervoz designs our flash modules with additional tantalum capacitors to store these extra charges.  With this special design, SSD|Flash Storage is constantly charging the tantalum capacitors with 12V power during its operation. Cervoz Industrial Powerguard 2.5” SATA SSD MLC include capacities from 32GB~512GB; it is suitable for critical industrial applications, such as networking, server / cloud, vehicle, medical and surveillance.

        • 29-08-2017
          Q:What is the TRIM command?

          A:   The TRIM command allows the OS to acknowledge the SSD controller the locations of unwanted pages proactively, saving operating time in the next write operation. NAND flash only writes data at the block level. When TRIM is active, and there is data to be erased or written, the SSD manages to write data into blank blocks with efficiency. TRIM is only active when both the operating system and the flash controller both support and enable this function.

        • 31-07-2017
          Q:What is the difference between industrial and commercial storage and memory products?

          A:   Industrial storage and memory are typically used for industries, devices can be installed in harsh environments therefore requiring a higher level of reliability and endurance to withstand pressure, humidity, shock and high operating temperatures.  Commercial products are used in comfortable office/home environments which do not require the above-mentioned aspects. In addition, consumers look for products with good performance and price, whereas industries need products with longevity supply and fixed BOM in order to gain product stability and compatibility.

        • 29-08-2017
          Q:What is S.M.A.R.T?

          A:   S.M.A.R.T (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) is a diagnosis system for hard disks drives and solid-state drives. S.M.A.R.T monitors a set of attributes relating to the drive’s reliability and anticipates to report malfunctions.

        • 31-07-2017
          Q:What are Cervoz Industrial SSD / Memory Card / Embedded Module?

          A:   Cervoz Industrial SSD includes various Solid State Disks with different interfaces, IDE and SATA.   Cervoz Industrial Memory Card includes CompactFlash Cards and CFast Cards.Cervoz Industrial Embedded Module includes all form factors of flash modules which are to be installed on an internal socket of a computer.

        • 31-07-2017
          Q:What is Cervoz Industrial RAM Module?

          A:   Cervoz Industrial RAM Module includes all memory modules in DIMM, SO-DIMM and VLP DIMM form factors with standard and wide temperature operating ranges.  Products are managed with long-term availability dedicated to the Industrial PC demands.

        • 29-08-2017
          Q:Why did my system not detect or recognize the DRAM module plugged in?

          A:   The motherboard might have an older chipset. The older chipset/BIOS might or might not recognize the newer DRAM IC. Please update your BIOS from the original manufacturer's support, or consult a Cervoz Sales Rep. for the list of the compatible DRAM modules.