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        Industrial SSD Flash, Industrial Embedded Flash Modules, Industrial DRAM, Industrial Memory Card, Mini PCIe Expansion Cards | Cervoz Co., Ltd. – Making Memories for Industry

        Cervoz develops, produces and markets industrial storage and memory products for the professional, critical, and diverse industrial applications. Established in 2006, Cervoz specializes in embedded components for the demanding Industrial PC market and has built up our industry experience for over a decade. We deeply understand this industry, and thus are able to offer our high quality embedded products with legacy and mainstream technology, long-term availability, BOM (bill of material) control, high reliability and top compatibility.

        Visiting Cervoz at Embedded World

        Cervoz is sincerely inviting you to visit us at embeddedworld 2020. 

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        Product Catalog Download

        The most recent versions of Cervoz product catalog is here available for download.

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        Unleash Performance

        Cervoz 3D NAND M.2 2280 NVMe SSD & DDR4-2666 32GB are Ready for 5G Technology.

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        3D NAND Flash Storage Solution

        Cervoz provides 3D MLC & TLC NAND Flash for Industrial Storage Solution.

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        Rugged Military Grade SSD

        Cervoz Launches Rugged Military Grade SSD for Mission Critical Application

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        Making Memories for Industry

        Press Center

        • 21-02-2020

          New Cervoz Product Catalog now available

          Making Memories for Industry  Cervoz develops, produces and markets industrial storage and memory products for the professional, critical, and diverse industrial applications.  Learn more about Cervoz Storage and Memory solutions.

        • 17-02-2020

          Case Study – SSD with Write Protect Function

          Cervoz Case Study - SSD with Write Protection Function With the increasing demand and development of the latest technology, the financial industry is facing complicated challenges, such as the issue of risk management, financial crime, network security, and customer private information protection.   The clients specializing in financial system integration, are eager to find a solution for data security and protection. Cervoz recommends the clients use our SSD with a write-protect function to protect important data. Cervoz's write-protect function is triggered by hardware. We designed a GPIO pin on the PCB which is connected to the SSD's controller. When the write-protect function activates, the controller will notify FTL (Flash Translation Layer) to avoid any written-in data.   The client can easily protect important data by turning on the write-protect (read-only) function. This function prevents data from tamper or being used maliciously.   Data Security                                                                                                 Personal Security              Network Security           Write Protect            Financial Crime  


        • Military Grade

          Rugged & Defense Defense and Military applications are mission-critical operations, the robust storage is always the first priority. Cervoz as a leading manufacturer of industrial SSD and DRAM modules, our military grade SSD is the highest level of rugged industrial grade product, which is designed with multi-layered data protection against information leakage;  AES 256-bit encryption algorithm to avoid confidential data exposure. Cervoz Military Grade SSD is compliant with MIL-STD-810G standards, which guarantee the high level of shock and vibration resistance.   Military Features MIL-STD-810G Compliant Cervoz Military Grade SSD meets the strict specifications set by United States Military Standards for all products used in military and defense applications. Multi-Layered Data Security  Cervoz Military Grade SSD provides various secure layers to protect data confidentiality. Real time AES 256-bit hardware encryption. The Write Protection to avoid any data write-in. Self-Physical Destruction is achieved via high voltage input and burn out of SSD NAND flash IC. The data is permanently destroyed and unrecoverable. Powergurad ( Power Loss Protection) The extra tantalum capacitors designed can store extra power. It will protect data loss and the mapping table when the system encounters unpredictable power failure. Extreme Environment ( -40?C~85?C )  Cervoz Military Grade SSD is made of high-reliability industrial grade components which can withstand -40?C~85?C The most important design is built in thermal sensor which monitors SSD's temperature against overheating and alerts the host systems to take preventive actions. Conformal Coating (Moisture, Dust and Chemical-Proof) Cervoz applies a protective coating designed for military and defense applications.  This conformal coating is compliant with MIL-I46058C which ensures the maximum protection in harsh environment. Recommended Products Military Grade 2.5" SSD MLC Series Related News 31-05-2019 Cervoz Launches Rugged Military Grade SSD for Mission Critical Application Please note, the above statements are made regarding general and/or common aspects; specific conditions and requests may differ depending on the application or hardware.

        • Powerguard (Power Loss Protection)

          Powerguard is a Power Loss Protection  (PLP)  technology developed by Cervoz. The Powerguard function provides additional power during an unexpected power outage to complete current flash write operation, moreover to protect firmware, mapping table integrity. Cervoz designs the Powerguard flash modules with additional tantalum capacitors to store these extra charges. Take Cervoz Powerguard mSATA for example, the integrated tantalum capacitors are permanently charged with 12V and maintain the power as long as data saving of the mSATA is still in progress. Cervoz Industrial Powerguard SSD includes capacities from 32GB~512GB and Powerguard mSATA embedded module from 16GB~64GB. It is suitable for critical industrial applications, such as factory automation, machine automation, networking, server/cloud, in-vehicle, medical and surveillance. The benefits for selecting Cervoz Powerguard flash module include Better durability and stability The Powerguard series is designed with tantalum capacitors with wider temperature operation capability, stability in power output and greater storage capacity comparing to traditional electrolytic capacitors. Various form factors to choose from Cervoz Powerguard made it possible to achieve PLP in 2.5” SSD and mSATA flash module. Up to 40X discharge time than standard SSD Up to 250ms discharge time

        • Wide Temperature

          Since Cervoz is dedicated to the Industrial PC market, wide temperature products are certainly one of our key focuses.  We offer all Flash & DRAM modules with the corresponding “Wide Temperature” range. Cervoz carefully selects original extended temperature IC from Toshiba (NAND Flash) and ISSI (DRAM), designs and produces our modules with the highest quality.  Each product is tested and verified in burn-in chambers during the engineering verification stage ensuring absolute reliability and endurance in extended temperatures.   Cervoz wide temperature flash modules support operating temperatures from -40?C~85?C; and wide temperature DRAM modules support operating temperatures from -40?C~95?C which are capable to work perfectly within extreme environmental conditions.  Our solution can operate in thermal shocks and thermal cycles, which makes the products exceptionally durable for harsh environments.  In addition, our wide temperature products offer outstanding performance and low power consumption.   Cervoz specifically designs these modules to address a wide variety of rugged and industrial applications, such as Factory Automation, Transportation, Gaming, Medical, and Outdoor Signage applications.