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        Transportation applications often involve in-vehicle navigations systems, visual and information systems, task monitoring, and surveillance systems.  These applications drive the need for embedded computers and components with the highest levels of performance, endurance and reliability that fits their environments.  Moreover they all share common requirements: wide operating temperatures, long data retention, repetitive power cycling, anti-shock and vibration.
        Cervoz’ storage and memory wide temperature ranges are designed for transportation applications that can withstand extended temperature from -40?C~85?C (Flash modules), and -40?C~95?C (DRAM modules) which can operate flawlessly in extremely low and high temperatures.
        Furthermore Cervoz’ Supreme and Reliance Series flash modules are designed to tolerate vibrations of up to 20G, 10Hz~2000Hz, shock 1500G, 0.5ms.  Moreover the SLC and RO-MLC technologies are structured especially for high read access and long data retention.  Cervoz conducts full power cycling tests in order to meet the highest product endurance standards.

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        Please note, the above statements are made regarding general and/or common aspects; specific conditions and requests may differ depending on the application or hardware.