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        Information and entertainment applications often involve machine terminals, point of sales systems, point of service systems, KIOSK systems, digital signage and casino gaming.  These applications drive the need of embedded computers and components with highest levels of reliability, security, performance and in many cases, -cost effective solutions, in order to rival the competitive technology market.
        Cervoz’ Reliance Series (RO-MLC) and Momentum Series (MLC) flash modules adopt commercial technologies, however we develop these products using high quality components, rugged mechanical materials and apply industrial grade product management and production flow.  They are all processed with the same stringent procedures in order to meet the highest industrial standards.  Therefore we are able to offer the right product in the right price range for price sensitive semi-industrial and industrial applications.
        Furthermore Cervoz offers customized security tools which provide high security protections to safeguard customers’ data. Security tools include license keys, read-only protection and data erase.

        Cervoz offers comprehensive industrial flash storage solutions that allow customers to build a reliable gaming system:
        • For Power Loss Protection (PLP), Cervoz provides a particular product series called Powerguard. It includes both 2.5” SSD and mSATA embedded module.
        • For reliability and stability of the gaming system, Cervoz offers fixed BOM to ensure the product availability.
        • For security measures in gaming systems, Cervoz provides customization such as write protection for flash storage devices.
        • Registered/ECC memory modules for game servers.

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        Please note, the above statements are made regarding general and/or common aspects; specific conditions and requests may differ depending on the application or hardware.