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        Server/ Cloud Computing

        Servers are computers that centralize data storage; cloud computing is a technology which large groups of remote servers are networked.  They both share common requirements: 24-hour non-stop performance, reliability and endurance.
        Whether to use an SLC SSD or an MLC SSD for server and cloud applications has always been a debate.  Some require the SLC’s endurance and reliability while others prefer the MLC’s cost-effectiveness.  Cervoz Industrial SSD Reliance Series (RO-Optimized Technology) is the solution for server and cloud applications.  The reliability of the P/E cycles is up to 50,000, which is 10 times higher than MLC.  On the other hand price is only doubled (SLC is typically around 4~6 times higher in price than MLC).  Cervoz Industrial SSD Reliance Series offers high performance with reliability and endurance, as well as a remarkably high price-performance ratio which is perfectly suitable for server and cloud applications.
        Cervoz’ Industrial RAM Module Server Series offers a full range of ECC and ECC + Registered DRAM modules that are suitable for all server and cloud applications.

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