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        News Release


        Cervoz 3D NAND Flash Storage Solution

        Why 3D NAND?

        Shrinking cell size, Pursuing higher performance and Reducing power consumption have always been the three ultimate goals to reach for NAND Flash memory manufacturers.  Storage capacity can be increased by smaller-advanced cell size, high-speed calculation can be achieved by greater performance and heat dissipation of storage can be improved by efficient power management.   
        3D NAND is developed & designed to overcome the limitations from current planar technology, accomplishing above advantages without sacrificing product reliability.

        Cervoz 3D NAND Solutions

        3D MLC Solution

        3D TLC Solution
        • Industrial 2.5” SATA SSD (T380 / T385)
        • Industrial Embedded mSATA (T380 / T385)
        • Industrial Embedded Half Slim (T380 )
        • Industrial Embedded M.2 2242 (T380)
        • Industrial Embedded M.2 2280 (T380)
        • Industrial Embedded M.2 2280 NVMe (T405)


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