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        News Release


        Ready for 5G Technology

        Ready for 5G Technology

        With the coming generation of 5G technology, there will be explosive growth over the volume of data.  
        Driven by the characteristics of higher transmission, lower latency, and massive connectivity, the 
        development of Multi-access Edge Computing and accelerated IoT platforms adopt faster data 
        transfer speed and larger capacity for storage and memory modules to handle data more efficiently.

        Product Features

        M.2 2280 NVMe SSD DDR4 32GB 2666MHz DRAM Module
        • Industrial-Grade TLC NAND 
        • High-Capacity
        • High IOPS
        • High-Performance
               (11% higher than DDR4 2400MHz)
        • End-to-End Data Protection
        • Thermal Throttling
        • Lower Power Consumption


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