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        DRAM Module Supporting Dual Voltage

        DRAM module voltage refers to the power consumed by a DRAM module.  In the past, most DDR3 memory had a voltage of 1.5v; DDR3 memory with a low voltage of 1.35 arrived afterwards.
        Thanks to the technology from Hynix, Cervoz now offers DDR3 DRAM modules that support dual voltage, 1.5v and 1.35v; customers do not have to worry if they purchase the unmatched voltage DRAM modules with their motherboards or systems.  In addition OEM and system integrators do not have to keep two different modules in stock, they can simply use one model for all DDR3 platforms.  Please find Cervoz Industrial RAM modules where it states “1.35v/1.5v” in the voltage specification column for this special feature.
        Cervoz offers various DRAM modules with the dual voltage technology, including DDR3 DIMM & SO-DIMM Standard Series and DDR3 DIMM Server Series.