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        Cervoz FlashMonitor

        Cervoz® FlashMonitor is specialized flash disk monitoring software developed in-house dedicated to monitoring Cervoz's disks' health.

        Disk relevant information and health conditions can be checked and monitored in real time, preventing functional degradation and predicting disk lifespan.

        The disk Information page provides all flash disk information, including part number details, firmware version, LBA value, disk capacity status, temperature value and many more. Special supported features can be acknowledged on this page as well.
        The Health Status page provides flash disk health status in percentage, estimated lifespan, power on hours, power cycle count and erase count value.  Users can choose to monitor flash disk's health degradation by day, month or year.
        The SMART page provides full information of the flash disk's SMART value. The user can easily access to get SMART information of the flash disk at any time. Furthermore, it is easy to export excel file to analyze and avoid inappropriate usage.

        Alert Function
        The user can easily set up alert parameters of the flash disk. Oncefigures reach the set parameters, the system would immediately send an alert notice to user for completely controls.
        Temperature  l   Capacity   l   Health Status   l   Lifespan Estimation
        Security Erase 
        Safely and effectively erase data from flash disks.

        ** Please contact with our sales representative for detailed information about Cervoz® FlashMonitor.

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